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Covid-19: Self-Employed and Freelancers

COVID 19 update

Whilst it has not been announced yet, and details have not yet emerged, a parliamentary document has been made available giving rise to what they are planning for the self-employed and freelancers (definition of freelancers not mentioned).

The secretary of state must by regulations introduce a scheme of statutory self-employment pay:

The scheme must make provision for payments to be made out of public funds to individuals who are

a) self employed
b) freelancers

The payments made are to be set so that the net monthly earnings of an individual as above do not fall below –

a) 80% of monthly net earnings averaged over the last 3 years or
b) £2917

Whichever is lower

No payment will exceed £2917 per month

Fantastic news I’m sure you will all agree, and we will be following the guidance in-depth and updating further

Stay safe

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