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I took on the services of Andrew Potts at KP Simpson in late October 2011 in order to help me in my first year of business with my first tax return which was due January 2012.

I have no previous experience of dealing with the HRMC or with filing my own tax return, however, Andrew made the process very simple and helped me through a series of complicated forms. Without his assistance this would have taken me hours, or even days but with his help this was completed within 10 minutes.

Two week before acquiring Andrew’s services, I received a letter from the HMRC stating that I owed them funds in unpaid tax from the previous business year. I informed Andrew of this and showed him the letter, he assessed my previous and expected income and informed me that I would more than likely be paid a tax rebate. True to his word, I recently received a refund that was almost double the amount calculated by HMRC, which assured me that my accounts were in the right hands with Andrew and KP Simpson.

I would recommend Andrew Potts and KP Simpson to anyone who is struggling with their tax return, looking for new accounting services or anyone who is unhappy with their current accountant

Steve Paul Myers, Owner – Monkey Socks Design

It was essential to me when selecting an accountant to work with to find someone who has a relaxed, caring and customer focused approach and more importantly a pro-active professional. Andy Potts at KP Simpson seemed to fulfil this criteria better than anyone else I considered and 1 year on I know we made the right decision.

KP Simpson’s support, guidance and advice has been invaluable in helping us grow and establish our business. The consistency and efficiency of service they provide allows us to get on with our business and forget they are there which permits us concentrate on meeting the needs of our clients and ultimately growing the business.

Phil Blackett, Managing Director – Red Hot Sunglasses Ltd