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Chloe Laidler

Chloe Laidler

Accounts Assistant


The life of an Accounts Assistant at KP Simpson can be a tricky one but Chloe Laidler shines in her day to day work. Each day is different for Chloe as one day she’ll be working on accounts and then other days she’ll be working with VAT or other analysis within the company. Splitting her day between these and other jobs makes working at KP Simpson often unpredictable but Chloe likes that.

Whilst sharing an interest in law as well as accounting, Chloe states that KP Simpson was her very first job from the age of 16. Not only does Chloe firmly agree that you can be a dedicated accountant but she also believes you can live it up in Spain come holiday season.

Summing up her time with KP Simpson as proficient, assisting and responsive, Chloe is fiercely passionate about her career and looks forward to growing her skillset further.

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