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Our Great Story

Our aim is to offer each and every client the same level of skill, knowledge and advice, as well as build on a strong customer service ethic to maintain standards and improve relationships with ALL our client, no matter how big or small.

Our goal is to make you successful, which in turn makes us successful

There’s only 2 things certain in life, and that is taxes and death, so why pay more than you have to.

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At KP Simpson we care about our clients, we provide a full range of accountancy services.

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New to KP Simpson? Why not take a look at what our current clients say about us.

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We’re based in the heart of Jarrow, we’re easy to find and have ample parking.

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Where it all began

The history of KP Simpson

KP Simpson – We are a North East based accountancy business covering the North East in general, however a small selection of clients are from other areas of the country. Our company is now over 10 years old and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a hands-on service, whilst keeping the costs to a minimum by our hand-crafted a team of specialists, each of whom are as dedicated to the job as I am, Andrew Potts, the owner.

Born in South Shields, I am the proud, smiling friendly face at the top of KP Simpson tree. There are no stuffed shirts here at KP Simpson, we simply do a great job and take pride in our work.

Our team of specialists cover all areas of accounting and tax advice for businesses and individuals including taxi drivers, personal trainers, medical professionals and many more clients across the North East of England. Our team is always keen to ensure that every client is treated with the utmost respect and professionalism and that everyone receives a tailored service no matter what their tax or accountancy requirements may be.

Our state-of-the-art secure online systems allows our clients to upload, download and view their personal tax documents at their convenience. We also offer services in payroll and bookkeeping, taxation, business accounts and niche accounting. So, whether you are based in Newcastle, London or Edinburgh our team can instantly access your files and work on your account remotely.

You know what they say: There’s only two things certain in life: taxes and death. So why pay more than you have to?

Our Dedicated Team

We're only as good as the team behind us